Oh Well To Bad

Have you ever found yourself constantly distracted by the constant interruption of technology and people in general? I have and I’ve decided to take a firm stance for my own best interest & the goals I set for myself. I’m putting my foot down when it comes to emails. I will not look at emails more than once a day and that’s it. I will not read random articles unless it pertains to my goals, too much random information is becoming mindless dribble. Healthy eating is a priority. I don’t care if people want to eat out all day everyday the answer is no I’m not going don’t ask me again. If you can’t remember what I said for the millionth time write it down. I’m not going to keep repeating myself. I can only tolerate so much small talk in a day. Too much small talk becomes mindless dribble. I will check my text once a day and that’s it. If I hurt your feelings oh well to bad. Signed time to get radical about me, my time, my goals.

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