❤️ Come As You Are ❤️

Sunday Reflections: Come As You Are
Sometimes we can over think on perceived issues that don’t matter. Friday was the Carter G Woodson Teacher Institute Inaugural at NorthEastern University. For starters the commute into the office was awful and is becoming the norm for the MBTA. With all the T delays I could have walked. I now realize that somewhat set the tone for my day. By the time I got to the office I was spent and to top it off my electronics were not only dieing but the cords were damaged. Just great when in this day and age almost all work is conducted on lab tops, computers, tablets… So off to the store to see if I could purchase replacement cords. Found one replacement cord, but was still one electronic down. I was slightly annoyed by this point, still spent from the long commute and didn’t think I was dressed for the occasion. Honestly I thought I looked “cat raggedy.” After a little pep talk from my fellow comrades I decided to go. Lesson learned for me. “Come as you are.” You’re Beautiful. ❤️ love my people.

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