A Day at REI & New Friends Roc & Garden

Adventures at REI, Recreational Equipment Inc. Scavanger hunt, personalized key chain, embossed cap, shoe strings, Wild pops, raffles, and new friends Roc & Garden. #REI #Fenway #Boston

Scavenger hunt
REI opened May 16, 2003
Personalized Key Chain
Aww I received the last cap with the monogram of my choosing.
I asked out of curiosity how hot was the pressing machine. 400 degrees. Hot too hot baby…
My cap monogramed to my liking and ready to go. Thank you REI.
They graciously posed for a picture.
My golden yellow shoestrings. REI Run Series
Wild pops lime, pink lemonade, grapefruit… They looked so refreshing. Unfortunately I didn’t partake in them. Too much sugar ☹️
Keeping the Wild pops iced cold and graciously offering them to all REI attendees.
Enjoying the Wild pops
Raffle Keb trousers. What color is this brownish-tannish-green?
Raffle Keb trousers off Black😍
Love those bags😍

A couple of geese joined us at REI. I decided to name them Roc & Garden.

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