Worse Than Ever

65 Years After Brown: We Are Doing Worse Than Ever

As reported in the our time press …” the Brown decision led to the dismantling of numbers of successful majority-Black schools and school districts. In several cases, Black teachers and administrators were removed from their positions when their schools came under the control of previously all-white school districts. Alongside this, thriving Black business areas that had been developed to make the Black community self-sufficient began to wither and die as the promise of integration tempted residents to take their money to white-owned establishments.”

“Let me be clear: Black and Latino children do not need to sit next to white children in order to learn and achieve at the highest levels. The problem is that educational, material and financial resources follow white children. It is majority-white schools that have the best buildings, the newest educational materials, the most computers and the most experienced teachers. Until communities can take control of their own schools and wrest authority away from the mayor, “integration” is a flawed …”

65 Years After Brown: We Are Doing Worse Than Ever

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