Marcus Returns

I am inspired and captivated by the writing & creative process of many authors and artist. My focus today is on Tanya Hamilton the writer and director of Night Catches Us. Two interviews on YouTube with Tanya can be viewed at the end of this post. Here’s a few snippets of dialogue from various scenes in the film.

*Anthony Mackie sketch from Pinterest “pencil me in


Music: oh, Jesus please accept my prayer. Oh without your guidance I can’t find peace anywhere. The love I have for you. Is like no other I’ve ever known.

Bostic: I didn’t think you’d show up.

Bostic: This is Asheema

Marcus: A’salaam Maleka Sister

Bostic: This is Marcus my brother


Marcus: Guy Pop hired doing a shitty job

Bostic: Everybody’s heading over to the funeral home. You coming?

Marcus: How much he charging you?

Bostic: Why?

Marcus: I could do it for you for free. Put a little money back in your pocket.

Bostic: I already got a buyer. But, um, if you want to clean up around here you could stay a few days.

Marcus: He left you the house.

Bostic: No one’s heard from you in four years, so, yeah he left me the house.

Marcus: We ain’t even got him in the ground yet and you got a buyer?

Bostic: It’s just the way things worked out. And I changed it back. The Bible verse. I put it back the way it was.

Marcus: I’m surprised you still care.

Bostic: Genesis 42:21 is what he wanted.

Marcus: It’s your world Bos.


Iris lays on the couch near her mother Patricia reading an old comic book.

The radio playing in the background:

Iris: Ma

Patricia: Hmm?

Iris: Who’s this?

Patricia: We’re you in my office?

Iris: No. What’s he’s name?

Patricia: Marcus

Iris: Daddy’s friend?

Patricia: Go brush your teeth.

Iris: How come we can never talk about dad?

Patricia: We just talked about him.

Iris: No we didn’t.

Patricia: Iris.

Iris: He was here you know.

Patricia: Who?

Iris: Guy in the picture.

Patricia: You know I don’t like when you lie.

Iris: Not lying. He was out there in the street. I know it was him. Was he a Panther?

Patricia: Yeah.

*Photo from tumbler


Marcus: Was wondering when you’d show up.

DoRight: Here I am baby.

Marcus: What can I do for you Dwayne?

DoRight: Oh that’s the way it’s going to be?

Marcus: That’s your name ain’t it?

DoRight: I got a message from the brothers.

Marcus: They sent you?

DoRight: Things done changed snitch.

DoRight: I’m in charge now (pulls jacket to reveal gun tucked in belt)

Marcus: Same old Wayne. Got everybody fooled. Huh?

Marcus: I’m only here for a week and then I’ll be gone.

DoRight: And you think that changes things?

Marcus: Go home Dwayne.

DoRight: Call me that again. Go head say it again. See what happens.

DoRight: You’re not even going to see it coming Snitch. One day the lights just gonna go out. Pop.

DoRight: Nobody has forgotten what you did to Neal.


Patricia: Where do you get off threatening him?

Marcus: I talked to him

Patricia: I told you I would handle that, right?

Marcus: You think you can make him act nice when you want to?

Marcus: A kid like that with so much to prove?

Marcus: Iris is all you have. Nothing else should matter.

Patricia: Stop trying to tell me how to raise my kid.

Marcus: Then stop acting like Mother Theresa everytime an orphan walks through the door.

Patricia: You. Of all people. Lecturing me on commitment.

Patricia: Where you been Marcus?

Patricia: All this time.

Patricia: Where did you go? It must be nice. Just come in and out. Pack only what you can take in that little Black bag of yours.

Patricia: If you want to have a say about how things go around here that’s available, but you have to stay. Are you ready for that?

Patricia: I’m done waiting.

Marcus: Patty..

Patricia: Stop calling me Patty! That is not my name.

Marcus: What should I call you then?

Marcus: Hmm?

Marcus: I’m sorry.


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