Something About Amelia

A beguiling S03E03 of True Detective

Amelia arrives home and greets Wayne.

Amelia: Hey

Wayne: Hi

Amelia: Those Sallisaw boys couldn’t stop telling stuff. I was pretty tremendous. I think I have a future in this (laughs)

Amelia: Your reading it finally

Wayne: (holding Amelia’s book) Not really. I keep seeing my name.

Wayne: Are you drunk?

Amelia: No, I’m. I had a drink at dinner. This detective took me out to eat.

Wayne: Oh terrific.

Amelia: No actually I got a lot of info from him. Listen her fingerprints were found just on the shelves in the cosmetics aisle. Looks like she was probably a customer. They have the prior week’s surveillance footage. I think they’re going to let me take a look at it.

Wayne: I didn’t get any of the shit you want. At Wal-Mart.

Amelia: OK. Did something happen? Are the kids all right?

Wayne: The kids are fine.

Amelia: Are you all right.

Wayne: I’m all right.

Wayne: But one thing. One favor.

Wayne: Don’t come bouncing in here (throws book on the floor behind him) half in the bag all giddy about this shit. Can you do that?

Wayne: Can you summon the mental resolve to shut up about this shit with me?

Amelia: (walks away from Wayne and picks book up) If you feel this way you don’t have to talk to me like that. You could just tell me.

Wayne: You’ve been told.

Wayne: Why don’t you go check on your kids since you haven’t seen them all day.

Wayne: They’re supposed to be in bed.

Amelia: Fuck off. I’m with them five times the amount you are for a job that treats you like shit.

Wayne: I don’t really feel like trading curses. I said my piece (drinks alcohol from a glass).

Amelia: I’m not going to stop Wayne(walks out of room).

Wayne pours more alcohol into his glass and drinks.

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