You Want It Darker

The visuals of Black Earth Rising pull you in but the dialogue is riveting it makes you stay.

Just a small taste of bringing you the darkness from Black Earth Rising Season1 Episode1 “In Other News”

Eve: I’m sorry I’m afraid I’m running out of time.

Moderator: Absolutely. No problem. Okay, so last question. Jay go head.

Jay: Miss Ashby or Eve. First might I say it’s kind of amazing that your here. One of the world leading prosecutor in international criminal law and I get to ask you a question.

Eve: Which is?

Jay: Ah yes, it’s this. What motivates you to vomit up all this neocolonialst bullshit?

Moderator: You don’t have to answer that.

Eve: No it’s all right.

Eve: I’m motivated to see justice done, wherever the crime took place.

Jay: And it just so happens all these crimes they take place in Africa?

Eve: We only prosecute those cases a country is unable or unwilling to prosecute for itself.

Jay: What about the West Bank?

Eve: I believe that is an active situation.

Jay: Situation? But when it comes to action there are at least 40 individuals being prosecuted by the international criminal court right now. And each and everyone of them are Africans, Black Africans.

Eve: And I’m sure they all have a case to answer, properly represented in a court of law.

Jay: But you’re telling us you successfully prosecuted one of those cases.

Eve: Yes.

Jay: That doesn’t make you embarrassed?

Eve: Embarrassed? Not at all

Jay: Really? Why not? After all isn’t what you do just the latest example of self-righteous Western paternalism? Of exactly the same sort that for hundred of years has systematically decimated that continent of it’s wealth, it’s governments, it’s religions, and most of all it’s people. And now having done it you have the temerity to expect them to turn to you for justice. For justice that only you can provide for a crime that surely would never have happened had your world not gone there in the first place. So you’re right I wouldn’t feel embarrassed. ‘Cause if I was you I’d feel fucking ashamed.

Moderator: Stop. That’s it. (turns to Eve) I’m so sorry.

Jay: African problems deserve African Solutions. They don’t deserve you.

Moderator: That’s it.

Eve: Look.

Moderator: Enough.

Eve: This is not the time.

Jay: Then when is the time?

Eve: Not Now.

Eve: (looking at her watch) I’m sorry. I really have gone far over.

Moderator: Of course.

Moderator: Everyone (claps his hands and audience begins to claps)

Eve: (gets up to leave but stops, looks at Jay) Just a minute. Can I just say one thing? I stand by my record because it is a record of justice. All right? What ever the cause, what ever the history we have delivered justice to the people who needed it most when otherwise they might not have had it at all. And I’m proud to have done that, and I’m proud to keep doing that.

Jay: laughs softly

Eve: So, all right. And it may help you to know that my daughter is Black and she was born in Africa.

Jay: It doesn’t. Not unless she’s the one with the solutions.

Eve: (holds up her left hand and walks off stage, takes off shoes, runs into the ladies room)

Opening song by Leonard Cohen: “You Want It Darker”

If you are the dealer
I’m out of the game

If you are the dealer
It means I’m broken and lame

If thine is the glory
Then mine must be the shame.

You want it darker
We kill the flame

Magnified, sanctified
Be the holy name

Vilified, crucified
I’m the human frame

A million candles burning
For the help that never came

You want it darker

Hineni, hineni
I’m ready my Lord…

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