Boston, Absentia & The Great Molasses Flood

Watching Absentia on January 15, 2019 has been quite interesting. Taking place in Boston also known as ‘Bean Town’. Its actually filmed on location in Bulgaria. Unfortunately the general vibe of the show doesn’t feel like historic Boston. The Boston public transportation known as the ‘T’ is the oldest system in the country and has a distinctive look. Absentia unfortunately missed the mark on it’s depiction of the Red Line. The red line is not simply a red train with a white bottom. It’s old, has frequent delays and is a character all on it’s own. Chinatown is located in downtown Boston too many over hanging flags doesn’t do it justice. The homeless don’t gather around fire lit trash cans although you will find them out and about the Boston Common which is not too far away from the shelter St Francis House. Clearly Absentia is aware of Boston’s history including the North End’s “Great Molasses Flood” that occured 100 years ago today Jan 15, 1919. One of the most bizzare, horrific death and destruction within Boston by two million gallons of molasses. Absentia is a surprising watch full of bizzare, horrific, death and destruction packaged in ten episodes.

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