“Dead of Winter”

Less than 10 hrs of sunlight is an understatement on a grey cloudy rainy day. Winter darkness has taken over and slowly the count down to the New Year and the look back at 2018 has begun. I’m not a fan of winter by any means, but I must admit the darkness and cold gives me more time to hunker down for self contemplation. 365 days in a year, To be exact a total of 52.142857142857 weeks in 2018. I do set goals but I don’t do “New Year” resolutions. For the longest my marker has been who has made it through the previous year to welcome in the New Year. Being a person who loves to research my curiosity led me to the history of New Year, the calendar and it’s origin. Not surprised to discover that New Years celebration used to occur in Spring, the Vernal Equinox the point in time when both day and night are equal. This occurs in March. Makes a lot of sense. Perhaps my internal instinct has always known the celebration of a New Year, New Beginnings, New Life in the “Dead of Winter” felt strange.


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