I used to live in the world

Macy Gray is an interesting actress. I love her delivery of “I used to live in the world” from the movie adaptation of Ntozake Shange’s play For Colored Girls:
That world is something I used to live in that world. But then I moved to Harlem and now my universe is now six blocks, a tunnel with a train I can ride anywhere. Remaining a stranger I could stay alone a woman in the world then. But I moved to Harlem, come in around dusk, stay close to the curb. Around midnight praying won’t no young man think I’m pretty. Then the dark morning wouldn’t be good, not good at all. To meet a tall, short Black Brown man full of his power in the dark. And my universe is six blocks, straight up brick walls.Women hanging out of windows like old silk stockings. Cats crying, children giggling, a tavern red curtains. Bad smells and kissing ladies smiling and dirt sidewalks. Spitting and cursing men. Come here b*!ch can’t you see this five dollars? I used to be in the world like really be in the world. Free and sweet talking. You know “Good Morning” and “Thank You,” “Nice Day.” And not now. I can’t be nice no more. I can’t be nice to nobody. Nice is a rip off. But I was in the world. A woman in the world. I had a right to the world. Then I moved to Harlem for six blocks of cruelty piled up on itself, tunnel closing.

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