Inside One Woman Investor’s Plan To Get Black Female Founders Funding

Interesting this article mentions “These black women founders have enviable educational backgrounds and career trajectories, earning postgraduate degrees or certifications at a rate of more than six times that of the U.S. population at large. Their two most common alma maters: Harvard and Columbia.”You don’t get better pedigrees or networks,” Finnely said. “They still weren’t raising,” she states.

In my opinion it indicates big name universities don’t mean a damn thing when your a Black woman and doesn’t mean you will be successful despite post graduate degree/certificates. Key word Black Woman. How much student debt are Black women accumulating? Is there a guarantee from these schools the education you receive will out weigh the debt? Will you be able to start a business or make a life for yourself as a Black woman because you went to Harvard/ Columbia? Time to start re-evaluating education and what it really means to be an educated Black woman.

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